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Message Subject Can anyone help me decipher what this "sign" says? I found this "Tomb" in the cemetary... It may have an important message for me!
Poster Handle BadHairDay
Post Content
In that lovely vid (below) where Nassim Haremine talks about the spiral nature of our planet's orbit around the Sun, rather than a circular or elliptical orbit, the procession (am not using this word in astro terms) of the planets seem to be in this gentle spiralling arms, as shown on the stained glass window.

The two odd guys out are what we're calling the Sun, and the other little guy off to the side.

If the little guy off to the side is our moon, or what we currently refer to as the moon, maybe its suggesting that the next step for this body is Venus?

A slow take over or terraform of the planets in the system. Once complete, you get a yellow sticker, and you're part of the gang.

The moon could be the base of operations, and not at all permanently linked to Earth, but rather, a space craft! SPACE1999 anyone!

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