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Message Subject Can anyone help me decipher what this "sign" says? I found this "Tomb" in the cemetary... It may have an important message for me!
Poster Handle Nicolemare
Post Content
My question is - why are there quotes to posts but the post that it is quoting is missing? This can be seen on the very first page and happens all the way through????
 Quoting: Rudysarsof

Hi Rudysarsof, the reason for this is when i first made the account i had to pay the $10 monthly fee to post the pictures and have the option to edit the thread. At that time the thread got an OVERWHELMING reponse within the first few days! Some of it was junk that didnt pertain to the thread, some posts were alot of repeat answers and some were just the short 5+ Bump kind of posts That I didnt want to bore people with.

Then it got a bit nasty between some of the members and a particular member who I had to eventually ban per EVERYONES REQUEST! Because of all the messages I recieved begging me to "get him out", I had no choice since he was ruining the thread. He was a TRUE THREAD KILLER! ALMOST lol

Many People informed me that I could edit and weed out the "nonsense" so it wouldnt be as long to read with the BS gone. Within the first 3 days it was already at close to 30 pages and people were having a hard time going through sorting the facts, which is really what most cared about anyway. IN the long run I got rid of or edited almost 20 pages to keep it simple. Which took a VERY LONG TIME!

Whitin the editing as you mentioned some of the quotes were left out of order because they were consolidated with the important info in regaurds to the thread. I do appologize if it may be a bit confusing but I'm sure you would agree with my descision if you would have had to read through the very beginning with NO editing till now, about 70 pages and 1/2 of it would have probably frusterated you to the point of no interest! I did the best I could do for this was my first time ever making a thread. therfore I'm still learning the GLP ropes!

Unfortunaltly I cant afford to upgrade my account another $10 bucks this month so I dont have the luxury to edit it again so people have an easy breeze, enjoyable read but it is moving along pretty smoothly I would say now at this point! P.S Sorry for the novel of an explanation! Whoops
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