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Message Subject Can anyone help me decipher what this "sign" says? I found this "Tomb" in the cemetary... It may have an important message for me!
Poster Handle Nicolemare OP
Post Content
hi thread readershi

the last several posts, especially Nicolemare rejoining the conversation, encourages/invites? me to share recent experiences.

by nature, ive always been narcistic; so, i worked "hard" not to hijack Nicolemare's thread

wed nite attended wake for family member
his first name is Mitchell, yet he always was called "Mike".

my wife, Michelene, handed me a memorial card; st michael roman catholic left foot on lucifers head, left hand scales of justice.

the funeral service thurs at st tarcissus church [in Chicago see website look at symbols in stained glass- blew me away]
reading John 5:24-30.

thurs nite lifted macy, my dog, onto my shoulder, extended my arm pointing at the near-full moon saying to macy "isn't that beautiful"

next day an a/c posted this in a nobody thread calling me out.

fri am woke late in a rush.
1] arrived at herrick forgot harnesses/leashes went home

2] arrived at herrick lake s econd time, discovered the trails had been treated, had to walk elsewhere.

3] went to blackwell forest preserve

i parked near the boat launch dock silver lake.

as i was exiting the car a preserve ranger who with a push broom was cleaning goose poop off dock waved his arm as an invitaation.

i walked, with my 2 dogs, to the end of the dock.

i related the wierd circumstances that led to our "chance" meeting.

first, he warned me to be careful they who are unbelievers will think me crazy may med/institutionalize me

then, he proceeded to blow me away with what he said [while holding the broom-handle in his right hand like the Greek st michael's spear].

he is very spiritual

he told me he was Greek; that his name was St. Michael in the Greek language; started with letter "D" 3/4 syllables.

he showed me a gesture [said it was important] the left hand palm facing upward with middle finger thumb touching.

he also told me the 2 keys are with St Michael

told michelene the story. she told me there are 2 priests buried under st michael monument.

i'm going there today Sunday to retrieve? the keys, then walk next door to wheaton cemetery, open the gate , claim what God has chosen unto me?/Nicolemare?/BadHairDay?.


im thinking it is The Nobody and The Lily Prophecy.

i met an et/angel woman about a month ago she said i can talk with animals with my mind she said i will be "a healer" in the next ???? [forgot what she called it]

matter-of-factly told me how interstellar travel happens
told me she had to get going had to make "rock elixirs for her friends]

i know now now who she was; an incarnation of Mother Nature/Earth.

i pissed her off when i posted/proclimed i was nobody forgot to mention her demand that we are custodians to the Earth and all of Gods creatures.

that the human race was screwing up the environment, loosing an intimacy/listening/appreciating/meditating/ no longer making "love" with her.

Nicolemare have seen ufos [sent private messages to BadHairDay; if interested in details let me know]

Saturday [yesterday]
had been discussing with michelene that i have met with spiritual leaders of all religions except Islam
she insisted i go to herrick lake early 5 pm [usually, 2nd walk is at twilight], and that she will come to as my witness

a tall man with long beard, glasses wearing a skull cap mint green gown? to his ankles walked alone towards me

i said to him "i've been waiting for you. come let us talk."
this is when i knew without a reservation in my mind that God has chosen me to be his instrument.

this persons name was arabic and it meant in the English language Michael
i have his business card

as i was talking he was chanting in a low volume.

i asked him what was he saying?

he said "praying in the prescence of God, that who is speaking through you".

week ago friday, the nite after i saw the 2 ufos, ed searched me out back Meadowlark Trail.

we talked for 1 1/2 hours.

Yes, i was made an offer.

that if i would realize my destiny [in this incarnation; apparently we all re-incarnate], i would, after this life, be with God, and that i would get what i have been "searching" for.

all of my questions would be answered; i would know everything

how could i pass that up?

ed told me to keep a journal, that is partly why i am posting this.

do not forget this:
John 5:24-30
 Quoting: Ezrin

Omgoodness, I just read this and am having an uncontrolable release of emotion at the moment! I I cant stop crying almost hyperventalating like I did when Nick Passed away! I just felt him with me and these chills are so powerful and different!!! its kinda freaking me out but I know in my heart it is ALL GOOD! Your post hasnt even began to sink in! I have so much to tell you guys the Schronicity is nothing a regular person would believe! Just give me a few minutes and I will try to share more!!! I cant believe this and i am very proud and happy for you Ezrin!!! :)
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