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Message Subject Can anyone help me decipher what this "sign" says? I found this "Tomb" in the cemetary... It may have an important message for me!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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This may or may not help but I was smoking weed one day and I came to a revelation that once all of the aligned indexes which are the symbols you are looking at reach their maturity which measure streams of consciousness which are measured by positives and negatives of frequencies, only then will nibiru pass through earth's orbit, thereby releasing (or ascending) all human life that has also reached it's maturity spiritually onto "death" or the absence of life represented by the number '0' or in this case, Pluto being the physical representation of that number in the cyclical algorithm, which has overtime increased the 'Time' derivative. As time increases, as does history's events as stated in numerous threads, the most nutty thing about this whole equation is that Pluto represents the life stream and is reabsorbed into the sun which represents Life' unlike Pluto which represents 'Death'. Life would be '1' Death would be '0'. The closer you are to 1, the closer your energy is maifested. So as you travel through the galaxy unto another dimension let's say your energy is reaching '1' meaning it's like a limit function. Just as is earth's function of all consciousness - meaning that, Earth or (Eden) is reaching it's algorithmic maturity, and ultimately reaching it's end function - whichever that may be. Perhaps it will be another "rising" like millenniums ago when Eden was covered by water, and submerged all life underwater. But how did this life underwater evolve? There must have had to have been life on that dimensional plane - whether it be human life etc. Meaning that there are functions in this area of the planet, that continue to evolve. There has to be life in all dimensions of Eden, therefore life has to be created for an environment that can sustain itself. Thus we see the evolution of mantarays, octopus' and other marine life. Humans on this dimensional plane will soon become extinct due to another rising because that's how Eden regenerates it life functions. Unfortunately life must continue on in Eden until only a handful of people are left to fight amongst themselves for scraps while the rest of life reaches it's full maturity or function that has been pre-determined for them by "the algorithm"
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22798084

That is some deep thought that I like! :) Totally understood and IMO sounds like a nice theory! Actually funny thing is it sounds VERY COMFORTABLE to me! Like I already have been there in the past and knew the information!

Was this a meditation or just info you have compiled thru your reading/researching?
 Quoting: Nicolemare

I can't even remember if I was smoking marijuana or if I was just lying in my bed on Wrong Planet, but I was thinking of that movie '21 Jump Street' where Tatum yells out 'Pluto is ______!" I forget what he says... but it made me think about Pluto, and I researched Pluto's signifigance. And before I researched Pluto's signifigance, I was aware a year prior that everything in "reality" has to be a physical manifestation of a metaphor. But how does the universe create metaphor's? It's always used symbols or "signs" in order to convey it's messages, and if Pluto is the planet of "death" and also the fact that it's extremely, extremely "cold" meaning, that no life what-so-ever will EVER exist on this planet, must mean that it's significance must correlate with death. And death is the absense of all life so that would equal 0, and if life exists - well then it has to equal 1 because 1 is the only number higher than 0 that is a whole number consisting of many smaller digits that represent's the soul's progression
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