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Message Subject Can anyone help me decipher what this "sign" says? I found this "Tomb" in the cemetary... It may have an important message for me!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hi thread followers hi

i'd like to "raise the bar" a 'bit' [ha..accidental joke]; if no one mines

Co-incidently, i met two guys at the Forest Preserve, last Sat. evening.
They were participating with a "Ham Radio" group picnic.
One guy wasn't too forthcoming; ex-military, worked on Ron Ray-gun's [as he put it] strategic star wars initiative
said most all early astronauts are/were into Ham Radio

Both thought the "WoW!" signal was authentic extra-terestrial source. I asked if we "really" were on Moon; then the ex-military guy excused himself.

The other guy talked with me a long time [reminded me of Steve Buscemi]
Believe it or not, he knew what "whirling" was; even knew the "correct" name for it

well; i told him my suspicions regarding "Curiosity rover" cus'of all the "bombardment" by solar cme's / flares and InterGalactic Cosmic radiation [very-high-energy gamma rays, (>~100GeV), high-energy neutrinos (⩾1 TeV), and the most energetic particles found in the cosmic radiation (>~5×1019eV)], while it was on route to Mars
[it took 253 days to reach Mars].
[link to rmp.aps.org]

so; my thinking was a "bit" gets bombarded switches from 1 to 0; you're screwed.
he explained early on they used "12bit redundancy"; realized cosmic radiation typically enters atmosphere perpendicular; said that was why computer towers are vertical; to minimize exposure

we talked about the book, "Contact", he's a big Carl Sagen fan.

Then i asked him about "conciousness", and death.

he quoted "Einstein's Conservation Law"
[link to www.utdallas.edu]

so; relatedly, BadHairDay [a major participant on this thread] has a quote: Its all about the 'vibe'.

Below is a Quote:

"All behaviours, including consciousness, are generated by and correlated with brain activity.

"The activity can be conceived as complex matrices of electromagnetic patterns and their associated chemical changes. "

"Weak intensity complex magnetic fields generated by the earth and by human technology affect consciousness and experience. "

"The critical factor is not the intensity of the fields but their patterns and the information contained within the patterns. "

"Those patterns that are most similar to the natural temporal configurations of brain activity are most effective."

"The brain activity associated with consciousness responds to the subtle changes in geomagnetic activity. "

"These changes include alterations in the occurrence of dreams, enhanced electrical sensitivity of groups of brain cells (and the more extreme form, electrical seizures), and the ability to focus during the day."

"Because all human beings are immersed within the ---> geomagnetic field we are intrinsically connected to it and to the secondary fields that arise from this connection."

"Very small changes in the activity of the earth's magnetic field due to alterations in solar activity can affect all human beings. "

"These direct effects are primarily upon the subtle but complex electromagnetic fields that interact with everyone's consciousness due to the marked similarity of the characteristics of our brains and our genetic history."

"This creates the potential for the function of every person's brain activity to be changed---> without their awareness.""

Michael Persinger, PhD
Behavioral Neuroscience

>>>>>>>>>>>>>[ i'm inviting participation by everyone

For some reason i know "Planck postulate" is important.

Link: [link to en.wikipedia.org]
from Wiki:

The Planck Postulate, one of the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics, is the postulate that the energy of oscillators in a black body is quantized, and is given by
where is an integer 1, 2, 3, ..., is Planck's constant, and (the Greek letter nu, not the Latin letter v) is the frequency of the oscillator.

The Planck Postulate was introduced by Max Planck in his derivation of his law of black body radiation in 1900.

This assumption allowed Planck to derive a formula for the entire spectrum of the radiation emitted by a black body.

Planck was unable to justify this assumption based on classical physics; he considered quantization as being purely a mathematical trick, rather than (as we now know) a fundamental change in our understanding of the world.

In 1905 in one of his three most important papers, Albert Einstein adapted the Planck postulate to explain the photoelectric effect, but Einstein proposed that the energy of photons themselves was quantized, and that quantization was not merely a feature of microscopic oscillators.

Planck's postulate was further applied to understanding the Compton effect, and was applied by Niels Bohr to explain the emission spectrum of the hydrogen atom and derive the correct value of the Rydberg constant.

Now; is what i'm experiencing; that which ive posted since July [i had been posting as EZRIN], an artificially-induced conciousness; or, is this the "Childhood's End" Arthur C. Clarke wrote about?

im hoping people that understand physics/mathematics will participate by posting.

the "high-frequency oscillation" ocurring "between-my-ears" is...



much Love to Everyoneufo56
ezrin aka PPaiwonski
 Quoting: PPaiwonski

1st time interacting with other people since 2004

i put it all out there

unfortunately; nothing has changed from my view

so i tried to "raise-the-bar".

no one seems interested [or possibly; want/able to make the effort] to "talk-the-talk" of the greatest minds/gifts to humanity: PHYSICS

i was wrong about my 'greatest' sin

my greatest sin is, like always, "over-estimating" the human condition

followers of this thread have witnessed my testimony

i want to thank Nicolemare for starting the thread

i want to thank those of you that participated/posted with your heart

much Love to you all


p.s. "what the fu_k is a Planck???"
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