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Message Subject Can anyone help me decipher what this "sign" says? I found this "Tomb" in the cemetary... It may have an important message for me!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hi thread followers, Ezrin here poker

made a "break-through"

first; must give credit to BadHairDay and, behind-the-scenes, Nicolemare

BHD knew it all along; just that i had the "raw data" to "play" with


so; firstly, how did i "find" the answer?

soooo many hints [all over GLP]; thank you all!

basically; took the "critical" photo, and super-imposed that which was already there, but behind so it was in front

now what you "see"; when properly aligned, it is "Uranus: X marks the spot"

the "sideways stairway" leads to Uranus

do you see it?

so what does it mean?

anybody can figure that out

much Love to everyone at GLP eq
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