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Message Subject Can anyone help me decipher what this "sign" says? I found this "Tomb" in the cemetary... It may have an important message for me!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You guys don't truly understand creation. Therefore you can't properly use the word Gnosis by the way.
 Quoting: 1908247

ouch you are so strick.are you speaking for god personaly? or for the gnosis? and you have know idea what i know now do you?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24950264

No I'm not speaking for God personaly, nor for the Gnosis. But Gnosis means knowledge, knowledge mostly attained by individual Revelation. Many people use the word Gnosis as if it represented some order of specific belief system, but it does not..

And about "creation having a mistake", I consider this to be a misunderstood approach. That's why I said you (whoever was saying that) don't understand creation..
 Quoting: 1908247

i am not in an order in fact i am very disorderly.no i am here to understand as much as i want or can. i don't mean here here but now here. so i will yake what you say under consideration..thank you
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