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Message Subject Can anyone help me decipher what this "sign" says? I found this "Tomb" in the cemetary... It may have an important message for me!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
this is gonna blow your mind:

ohyeah grinning


all the images i see are cartoonish drawings [fine white lines]

for example; the "man" facing the key is waist up only

looks like the "costume" he is wearing is similar to that seen on deck-of-cards

the fish is "easy" to see

the bird has a "penguin-type" body and definite reddish-brown "crest" on head

"?" looks like "bulls-eye" on the key handle; or an "eye" of a frog; head is in "circle"

what i label "pointy ear" may be an "owl"; the "head" label for the bird covers the owl head

ohno wtf

much Love


p.s. all the songs on the radio "speak" to me; crazy eh
 Quoting: PPaiwonski

Hey EZRIN, OP here, sorry I have been gone for awhile! Just started to follow up on the last 2 pages! Funny thing you pointed this "key" out that lays on the floor of the tomb! I notced it before but not till I went back about a week ago and took pctures of it did I actually acknoledge it's existence! I was getting around to pointing that out as well on here but I cant upload smiles right now. :)

I also walked the back trails of the forest preserve you talked about and found a vortex of energy there! It was quite amazing and a bit "scary" at the same time. I was with my 3 year old so I didnt spend much time there! I did take a ton of pictures and the crazy thing is what we were seeing with our eyes wasnt the same as in real-time as the pictures were portraying it!

Also I wanted to mention with the above that you posted seeing the cartoon images...

Welcome to seeing in 4D! I developed this abilty last year and can see these images constantly throughout all the pictures I take! For me it can be a distraction I sometimes like to get lost in and frusturating at times when other people cant see what I see! lol I have learned they just arent ready yet! In alot of the pictures I took from the forest I see nature spirits and many other dimensional beings! Very Cool! :) Thanks agan for all your hard work and dedication to this thread! Havent checked my email in over a week so sorry if I have been slacking! Been pretty busy with unrelated discoveries of my own! Cheers! Love and Light to you and all! XO

P.S. I too experience the signs on the radio with the songs! :)
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