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Message Subject Can anyone help me decipher what this "sign" says? I found this "Tomb" in the cemetary... It may have an important message for me!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Can anyone help me decipher what this "sign" says?

 Quoting: Nicolemare

Those signs are telling us that we are all fucked!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35802162

no, no...
...like me, you had been misinterpreting. hf

As Plotinus says in the 1st tractate of the 'Fifth Ennead':

'That archetypal world is the true Golden Age, age of Kronos, who is the Intellectual-Principle as being the offspring or exuberance of God.

For here is contained all that is immortal: nothing here but is Divine Mind; all is God; this is the place of every soul.

Here is rest unbroken: for how can that seek change, in which all is well; what need that reach to, which holds all within itself; what increase can that desire, which stands utterly achieved?

All its content, thus, is perfect, that itself may be perfect throughout, as holding nothing that is less than the divine, nothing that is less than intellective.'


[link to www.corsaitaliana.com]


"...first was the Golden Age, in which, allegedly, the Earth was peopled by Gods, and Chronos (Saturn) was chief among them.

But strangely, although he was Lord of the Earth, this was seen not as a time of autocratic rule, but peaceful anarchy.

Saturn was thought of as the Lord of Unrule, and during this epoch, his subjects wanted for nothing. There was no money, nobody had to work for a living, and all things were held in common.

It was a paradise in which everyone was free to do as they wished because there no lack, and therefore no need for involuntary compulsion through violent force.

Or so it is implied.

Because of this, Saturn was associated with the Liberty Cap (also known as the Phrygian gap), a soft red floppy hat like Santa Claus wears (without the fuzzy cotton ball at the end)..."


[link to quintessentialpublications.com]

this is what ezrin is attempting through his metaphorical-journey through the "Schumann tomb diarama"


"A related motif is the Manichaean mystery of the 'Column of Glory', termed in Chinese texts from Central Asia the 'Diamond-Column of Glory' (Jingang Xiangzhu), through which the Light-Souls of those redeemed by the Nous are distilled and drawn up in ascent, rising through the Moon, the Sun and finally into the Paradise of Light. [through the S.o.L.'s arm towards the torch]

The 'Diamond-Column of Glory' is called the 'Perfect Man', recalling the Hermetic Anthropos Teleios, which we can identify with the same esoteric theme expressed in the Gnostic concept of the incorruptible 'Standing One' (Ho Estos) and the Nordic and Atlanto-Hyperborean Rune 'Man' signifying the deathless principle of spiritual Life and Noetic Resurrection.

In the Stoicheia of Graeco-Alexandrian Cabala this symbol is resumed in the letter Psi, the letter of pure Spirit (Pneuma) and the Human of Spirit (Pneumatikos).

It is as George Russell wrote:

'I would cry out to our humanity, sinking deeper into the Iron Age, that the Golden World is all about us and that beauty is open to all, and none are shut out from it who will turn to it and seek for it.'

Idol1 xmas
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