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Message Subject To the love of my life...I am calling you to me now.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
gosh, saw this and thought it was actually pretty cool. At first I hoped, 'wow, maybe I am reading this because it is me' ...
but... I'm a girl, and you are waiting on a boy... and... well, yeah it is just silly..

but why not post anywhere, and if it is some person from your past life that you are waiting to find, perhaps they would be here too and you would find eachother.

I believe in such things... although, have to agree... sometimes you find someone and then everything goes bad... who is to say.

i wonder if my true love is reading this now, he introduced me to this site... but we can't seem to find common ground... lmao I am not going to get all dramatic. Anyhow, good luck OP
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