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Message Subject To the love of my life...I am calling you to me now.
Poster Handle Clouds in the Sky
Post Content
Dear, OP, my soulmate...

I have watched you from afar, my little stuffed kitty cat. Each time our paths cross, I feel the Nile is flowing between my legs. Your little butt cheeks remind me of a frolicking poney and make my nipples more sensitive than they normally are. I dream of day when you will burst into my room wearing nothing but a leopard g-string from the Fashion Bug and thereafter start fornicating. I have no teeth so when I will fellate you it will feel as if you were getting your pipi sucked by a giant neon tetra fish. My sucking skills are comparable to a Hoover Anniversary WindTunnel vaccum cleaner. Together, we will live large, in every sense of the word. For special occasions, I will make sure to bring you to our local Walmart McDonald's where we will eat chicken nuggets while talking about the Swam People :) I yearn for you and want your venous little snake to vomit all of its milk in my big velvet orifice. I am coated with layers of soft fat... Believe me, baby... You will have some cushion for the pushin', if you know what I mean...

I am hastily waiting for your reply...

With all my love,

Your soulmate

PS. Sometimes I fart when I make love.
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