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Message Subject To the love of my life...I am calling you to me now.
Poster Handle Celestial Aeons
Post Content
As soul mates, we can know what each one of us is thinking without speaking. He has probably heard already, but I suspect he has more work to do on himself first.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18607329

Perhaps, how do you know this "superman" is your soulmate?

By the way...I was User ID: 18032058 a couple post back. Oh yea, is this the only website the call is on?
 Quoting: Celestial Aeons

Hi, Nice to see you back on here. Where are you from? Well, before we met, years ago, I just knew that I was going to meet him soon. It's hard to explain; it's just a knowing. The thing is that years have passed and things have changed and I'm hoping that he hasn't settled for someone else.:(
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18607329

I asked because I was called here but I highly doubt it is due to that. So you have met him before? In person? I was born in greenville, south carolina. So you are from canada? I have been there before when I was like 13...
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