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Barack and the Bilderbergers together again?


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United States
05/28/2012 09:32 PM

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Barack and the Bilderbergers together again?
THe last time the press expierenced a situation of this Nature both Hillary and Barack we running gainst each other back in 2008. Both Hillary and Barack ditched the respective press core and were out attending a meeting

Ironically the Builderbergers were meeting in Virginia, in attendance were Hillary and Barack Obama,(according to the name not be mentioned). THe very next day Hillary withdrew and Barack was given the nomination.

[link to www.washingtontimes.com]

Normally, when the president completes his round of golf, reporters in the "pool" traveling with him accompany Mr. Obama's motorcade back to the White House. But on Saturday, the pool reporters were notified at 5:45 p.m. that the president had already departed the base without them, supposedly 10 minutes earlier.

George Condon, a reporter with National Journal, wrote in his pool report: "In a breach of longstanding policy, the motorcade departed without hooking up with the press vans even though the vans had been loaded and waiting for more than half an hour."

"The pool does not know first hand when the president left the base, what route he took, or when he arrived at the White House.

We were told that he arrived at 5:58 [p.m.] and went to the residence," Mr. Condon reported.

The reporter added, "Your pooler, no doubt invigorated by his inability to tell you anything for certain, registered a protest at this breach and would assume there would be a more formal followup discussion."

WEll it just so Happens that the Builderbergers are in the area.

[link to philosophers-stone.co.uk]

Well, it looks like the most cunning and deceptive people on the planet may not be so bright after all. The infamous and elusive Bilderberg club has decided to bring their annual meeting back to the United States after setting last year’s event at a hotel buried deep in the mountains of Switzerland. This year, May 31st through June 3rd they are returning to Chantilly, Virginia where they had their conference back in 2008.

So is this relevant?

Where will all the Key players be this week?