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Message Subject Need Help... sumerian/babylonian sun god symbol
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content


I understand it quite well. From history studies ON SITE( Egypt, Iraq,Kurdistan, Mexico etc.) to witnessing people (in and around my family) practice these crafts. Don't talk about what you don't know. Again, I implore you all to do the research. Just a quick look up of these will show you that the Sumerian and Babylonian sun god are one in the same. Even had time to study a bit with yazidis on the Syrian and Iraqi border. Melek Tawoos sounds so much like shaytan it is amazing. If you don't know who they are, or what they believe, I ask you to take a look. Once you see the root and know the root, you can identify the tree from its branches.

I encourage you to listen to this guy speak his secular knowledge from a Templar/Masonic standpoint. It is not some Christian viewpoint. I know if I address it in that manner, many of you will run away b/c of years of false prophets, wack-o's, synagogue of satan snake oil salesmen pushing a lie for their personal gain. If you follow the link, you will find he tells on himself in more than one way (Think Albert Pike and Morals and Dogma). From islam to the green movement you are about to see a world religion emerge that only hints at what I have been saying. ( [link to www.yeziditruth.org] )

These gods are all different manifestations or descriptions of satan, the devil, or whatever you want to dub him. Again, ask yourself why the so called star of David is the same for Chiun/ Remphan ( [link to www.jewishencyclopedia.com]

I hope you will actually do the scholarly thing and conduct your own research before blindly condemning someone trying to shed a little light on the situation. What if this viewpoint is proven false? You have only gained in strengthening your own beliefs. I believe once you research what I have proposed, you will be confronted with the truth.

Take a look at 1 Kings 11:33 (I know, I see the significance of the numbers) and Amos 5:25-27. Then look up exactly what those gods represent, and what were the practices of those who followed them bump

God Bless
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16969193

Me thinks this is partially, but not entirely correct.

If you are looking for the devil, you need to look in the direction of Pashupati & Cernunnos.

Even fallen angels can gain redemption, in time.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 271187

Know of Cernunnos, the druids, the men of the oak, worshippers in covens/ groves, special trees (Judges Ch 6) (rock out sign in Holy Wood and Heller Keller's mystic/ theosophic ASL "I love you- how clever). I am also aware of shiva, or pashu, you speak of. Notice many pieces of art showing him/her throwing up the same "rock out" hand sign. In one of his bedrooms, MY own father had a $500 + hand painted piece depicting him/her as such. Nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes). They are all tied in, I am telling you. Believe me when I say I have studied this stuff from a scholarly standpoint. I was truly amazed when I found such things written in plain sight in the Bible.

whoa Chris Brown! Fallen angels getting there redemption? Not so sure of that. Please inform me as to how. I am always interested in learning
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16977585

...Can someone please show me where it has been said that Angels have been given Free Will? I've never known it, I think this is a big misconception and a gross distortion of the Truth...

I guess it comes from the notion that Lucifer/Satan is an Angel...(as well as the other fallen ones)???

In the Book of Enoch reference is made to: 'Ones who fell to Earth' or 'Came from the Sky' (...'Who had made a Pact to each take for themselves wives from amongst mankind')...However, incorrect assumption or translation has been made with regards the interpretation of 'The Ones Who Came From The Sky'... As is clear when you understand the Nature of Angels, this cannot be in reference to them!

Unless of course, an Apple can suddenly decide it wants to become an Elephant!
 Quoting: Nemesis-incognitO

Nemesis (If I may),

I only have a few judeo christian references to satan and his fallen angels (fallen b/c left their first estate). You are probably well aware of them:

Genesis 1 (let Us make...)
Genesis 6 (spec., vs 2 whom they CHOSE, not forced to do)
Genesis 11 (let Us at Bab El)
Job Ch 1 (supposedly predates most of the Old Testament. Spec., vs 6-12) satan with others accusing, which is part of his modus operandi
and finally
Isaiah 14 (spec., v 12)
Revelation 12
Jude Chapter 1 (it is only ONE chapter, but spec., vs 6)Left their FIRST estate

The last one says they willingly did this,and were indeed fallen angels. Again, from a judeo-christian perspective.

I give the whole chapter b/c I hate it when "ministers" take things out of context. Plus it is good to study for yourself. (Acts 17;11 and II Titus 2:15)

Hope that helpshf
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