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Planets and Tornadoes in my dream

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United States
05/30/2012 12:10 AM

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Planets and Tornadoes in my dream
I record all my dreams, so I'm just going to paste it on here and hopefully there won't be too many mistakes, grammatically speaking... so here goes.

We are in a store parking lot..but..it reminds me more of the lot up in Minnesota, at the stores there across from the motel we go to in the summer. Skies are ominous and scary dark. It rains, but it doesn't seem like a whole lot, yet I look out and the streets and even the parking lot is now covered in water! all flooded. It happened so fast!

I look in the sky and see the sun and moon, and a third planet to their left. Then another! the first planet i see is getting bigger and bigger. Like it's getting closer to us minute by minute. It's a bluish color, almost gaseous, like no land mass or water at all..just whispy blue shades of blue! Then suddenly it becomes a big globe on a truck going by down the road. almost as if someone was tricking my eyes! or even all of ours. then again, i was the only one freaking!

I kept saying omg do you see that! and pointing to the damn thing. Then I saw on the second planet familiar sort of continents at first like s america or africa, then the lands doubled next to each other. they were brown and the background of them was cream colored.

Finally the group of people that was outside felt something was wrong, duh, about time!...the flood was too bad to go back the way we all came. we even had to park all our cars to the side of the stores when the rain began. We decided to walk behind the stores through the grass, where there wasn't as much water. Suddenly i said look! there's a tornado! it was soo close, but it slowly got smaller, and i was able to hold on and it eventually went up into the air the second it got close.

Almost like a 'Melancholia' moment.
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