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Help a boycott of Israel... go to jail

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05/30/2012 06:30 PM
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Help a boycott of Israel... go to jail
Most people don't pay attention to what the US government is doing, and as a result Zionists are getting themselves and their Useful Idiots into our government, and they are passing laws to promote Israel and anti-Arabism.

American citizens can avoid Israeli products, so you do not have to worry about this agency. However, businesses have to follow their mysterious and confusing laws. Actually, we at the French Connection could use help in understanding what this agency is doing.

The Treasury Department also has mysterious laws to allow them to penalize companies for assisting with a boycott of Israel.

This agency has not yet put anybody in jail over boycotts of Israel, but they have collected more than $26 million in fines.

[link to www.iamthewitness.com]

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