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flesh eating bacteria

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User ID: 4584682
United States
05/31/2012 05:26 PM
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flesh eating bacteria
everyone please read this.

i just found out that i have the bacteria and i know a great way to kill it right now. our sun has been acting up and causing the earth to heat and recently these outbreaks have been happening a lot. i saw the infection spread over a few hours and so i started looking up how to kill it and i remember heat, moisture, and sugar all helps it grow. i stopped eating a bowl of cereal after i took a few bites and i was hungry but i coldnt eat the cereal. i have been holding an ice pack on the infected area and the spot that was infected was the only spot that was hurting and after about 10 minutes i looked at it again and it was dramadically less red and the spots got smaller. cold kills the disease and spreads with heat. dont go outside in the rain and dont eat anything made from the government as in food made from pesticides or meat made with horomones or sterroids. eat everything natural and stay away from hot weather.

i hope this helps everyone. thank you
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User ID: 41602783
United States
07/16/2013 08:32 PM
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Re: flesh eating bacteria
How's that "flesh eating bacteria" going?

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