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HAARP/ELF technology causing zombie apocolypse

User ID: 14239351
United States
06/01/2012 02:16 PM
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HAARP/ELF technology causing zombie apocolypse
it's not drugs. i've done more than my share, never had the urge to kill, eat, dismember anyone.

lets just look at some clues:
-BettyDavisEyes recently posted a thread about LMFAO, a few dots were connected on these points :
LMFAO's "Party Rock" video begins as a zombie/dance apocolyptic scene taken from 28 days later...but in their version the only way to avoid it is headphones to block out the music.
LMFAO's first mainstream hit is titled "I'm in Miami &!@$#" (and we all know where the face-eating occured.

Now this might be pretty far fetched, but we all know what HAARP/ELF waves can do. (if yall don't- look into, it can literally manipulate your mind, make you hear the voice of God, make crowds riot, fall to their knees in pain, it can TOTALLY CONTROL YOU)

I think TPTB are doing some test runs on the public, see how outraged/desensitized we become, and see if we'll buy into this "bath salt" BS.