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Message Subject Carbon Dating is only accurate if they don't know the Actual Age
Poster Handle eclectic mind
Post Content
Yeah Yeah.. again hovind knows and the bible knows too!!?? stop joking people!!..

Radio-carbon dating has flaws, we all know that..

But how can people think 'god' knows all and knows all about science as well??
Example: When the Bible was written and compiled, things were different. People believed that we were in a geocentric universe (the earth was the center of the universe and everything revolved around it), they thought the earth was flat, and other basic scientific phenomenon were unknown to these people.
Even as late as 1492, people were convinced that silly old Columbus was going to fall off of the earth.
^^^ god and the bible knows all and is correct? haha

But as we know today, the earth is a sphere, and there are no ends on a sphere. Just pick up a ball and find its ends. It's not flat nor a disk shaped thing.. Columbus had to prove that and what do you think?? he did!!

(religitards are crazyjak)
 Quoting: eclectic mind

LOL typical dum tard, this is so stupid and wrong in so many ways. The geocentric theory came from Aristotle, not the Bible, which became a dominant mode of thought during the Renaissance. And not all ancient people believed the the earth was flat, some surmised even thousands of years ago it was curved. Eratosthenes measured the circumference of the earth a couple of thousand years ago.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15526347

hehehe who is the indoctrinated dumbtard here? why would things be wrongfully writen down in your 'story book'?dumbtard!!
just some examples?...
[link to biblebabble.curbjaw.com]
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