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Message Subject Do you have any Paranormal abilities  . . . ?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Wow this is a real interesting thread. I never really thott about it but I do have something that's def not normal. I predicted the death of my father when I was 7. We visited him when he was sick, and when I returned home with my mother I had built a cross and told her that my father was going to die. He died latter that night.
Like the previouse user stated, there have been times when I could manipulate the wind. I was sitting outside and felt the wind blow on me. On every gust I thott hard about making the wind blow harder, and it did. Eventually shit was being blown over in my backyard. Could have just been me, but it was interesting to say the least.
In 2005 I visited Tokyo Japan. I met this girl I fell in love with. I drew here a picture of winney the poo with a jiant pot of honey spilling over into the sea. I left Japan and came back to the states and joined the USAF. While I was deployed in 2010, I drew another picture. Oddly enough it was a gas mask with a city destroyed and a jiant wave. I have that picture if you guys want to see it. Than I was trying to write a book. I imagined a snowy landscape with a Samari underneath an Japanese arch with two pillars. I seen an exact photo of this after the sunami wiped a city off into the ocean and that was all that was left.
This gets even more creepy. In 2009 I got the bialogical tatto on my shoulder, and in 2011 I got the nuclear tattoo on my other shoulder before the accadent happend.
On the day of fukashima, I went to court for a special court martial and was given a dishonorable discharge. During the trial one of the witnesses stated to the court that I spoke about physics and time travel like every day. He said this because he was asked what type of conversations we had during work.
I had only found out about fukashima during my trial. The first question i asked was "what type of reactors were they and where we're they lokated.
This is because when I was 9, I used to spend hours and hours learning abou nuclear phisics online. I than. Ventured into time travel.

Time travel was a quincadance for me because during my first class in collage, I had met this kid. He was fresh out the military And for some odd reason I kept thinking that he was A time traveler. I could not get that out of my brain. I did not even know this kid and it was the first day of class. Ever since then I have been stuck on time travel, looking for the answer.

The pictures I drew were not something I imagined. When I draw, I let the pen take the shape, and I add lines. I do not try to draw anything from Sight or mind. But the funny thing is that I knew what I wanted to draw when I drew the pictures.
After fukashima happend and I was not surving, I was drugged by a friend cuz he wanted to bring me back down to earth. He gave me some LSD, and I was fucked for a week no joke. I ended checking mysel into the hospital where they put me in a crazy house for a week.

The first day, I seen the milky way when I looked up into the sky and a river of energy flowing nort and south. Lather that night I was in my room and I could see the same energy, but it was flowing into a hexagon looking thing. I thott it might be a damensional being. But thinking back it was the mental energy, telepathy, waves of energy. There was some seriouse shit going on the news about global events. When the news casters argued about the subject, it seemed to flow into this object and out into the world. It kind of looked like the halo u see around people.
Anyways, on day two, I herd A vary loud boom in the background far off into the distance. I have here'd explosions before when I was deployed, and this was nothing like them. I also seen a bright flash. I was laying on the couch with my wife and mother in law and son in the room. I immediately thott to myself that it was a nuclear explosion. A few moments later I could smell smoke, and it even looked smokey outside. A thott entered my mind asking me if I wanted to stay with my family in hell on earth or go to heaven. I told my self that I would follow my family to hell if I could be with them. A few hours later I had asked my wife to bring me to the ER because I thott I was going crazy.
After a day in the hospital I was doing group therapy with other people in the looney bin. There were some really messed up military kids in there with me and a Vietnam vet. I thott I was having dalusions when I was in the group session. I felt bombarded with the thotts of the other patience, like they were trying to get inside my head. In defence I created an infinity loop and threw it back at whatever was. Bombarding me. About 2 seconds later I look up and at the old vet and he starts to get up with the aid of his walker. For some reason I immediately get up and hold his walker to the ground because he was struging. He got up and was having a heart attack and I sat him back down and when to the front to get more nurses. He came back a few days and told me I saved his life.
Eventually I get out of the hospital. I ended up going to the drive ins to see a new movie. The movie was the Green Lantern. I told my brother that I already seen it before, and he said impossible because it just came out. So I watched it, it had the same Actors, but the movie was totally diffrant and sucked compared to the one I seen. I must have really died during that explosion I herd, because I think I jumped into a parallel universe. How could I have already seen that movie before it came out?
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