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Message Subject Do you have any Paranormal abilities  . . . ?
Poster Handle Luzèt Níblum
Post Content
i could summon Tláloc (Aztec god of rain) by smoking tobacco and invoking his name. I heard his footsteps at the break of dawn . His rain is cleansing.

 Quoting: Luzèt Níblum

Are you native American???
 Quoting: George B

I'm Inca/Mochica. Been living in the States for a decade, and have acquainted with shamans from North and Central America. When I saw the Condor meet the Eagle, both flying as One, wonderful things began to manifest.
For example, I got this quartz piece around the same time I read an Octavio Paz poem depicting Tláloc being encased, asleep inside a clear quartz. A few weeks later, in my quartz had grown a shape akin to that of the god's mask.
I proceeded to bury it, after intensive work at ceremonies and deep meditations, under the soil at a buddhist monastery, along with all my crystals. A month later, i went to unbury everything (I had just returned from upstate where I had a wonderful spiritual retreat) and got hold of Tláloc once again. I approached the lake with quartz in hand and recited:

"Tocado por la luz
el cuarzo ya es cascada.
Sobre sus aguas flota, niño, el dios."

rough translation:

"Hit by the light
the quartz is now cascade.
Over its waters floats, a kid, the god."

Again this is a Paz poem, which in the book came right after the initial one I had read back in October. It was now the last day of April and I found myself throwing the quartz into the lake with all my force and intention to awaken the benevolence of Tláloc. I think my efforts have paid off. He is my friend, and he receives my utmost respect for a true elder. He is an ancestor. Many others will return. Or may have already. Receive them with love, they'll reciprocate.

In Lak'ech.
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