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Message Subject Do you have any Paranormal abilities  . . . ?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I first learned of my 'GIFTS' as they are called at a young age...around 5...At age 8 was when I first remember looking into the 'Ghostly Plane' seeing my father...it was around day break...I sat up in bed and could see into the kitchen...I heard my father talking, standing at the counter top...I told my grandmother about it...a few hours later she then saw a vision of him in front of standing her...within the same our the State Police from another state called her, telling her that my father was found dead in a lake...Things like this went on for several years...The one vision that bothered me the most was of my son...I was standing at his bed room door looking in at him as he played...he was 4...As I stood there I then saw a white casket...it was sitting in the middle of his room...in the vision he turned toward me and said..."I am going home soon"...This was in October...On November 7 he died...This was 27 years ago...Over the years after his death...I have seen my other people give warning shortly before their death...I have also 'FELT' when something bad was going to happen...Such as earthquakes...plane crashes...auto accidents of people/family I know...Even the death of my husband in 09...I have had what I now know as OBE most of my life...I always thought it was a dream when I was very young...I have tuned into knowing when a close friend/family member was going to call or come by for a visit...I can also see sounds at times...certain sounds have different colors...I do not like going to busy places such as the Mall...I pick up on other's feelings/thoughts...I don't enjoy reading someone's book as I call it...I have dreams about a lot of things before they happen...People can say thses things do not happen...it's not real...but I MUST say they are wrong...This is part of my EVERYDAY life.. huh
 Quoting: settle4it

Thanks very much for sharing. . . your story is why I believe there is a paranormal reality. . . .which may be the true reality . . . the longer I live the more stories like yours I hear. . . while I only have glimpses of things . . . it reenforces my intuition that things exist I cannot explain . . applause2
 Quoting: George B

Thank you! To let people know what's going on in your everyday life is hard...The skeptics I understand where they are coming from...And I honestly wish I could let them walk in my shoes for a day...It would probaly send them running and screaming to the nearest mental hospital...Does this make my life better? I don't know any other way to live...I would like to live in a world where it is not filled with visions of other people...A world where the only voices I hear are from the living...The only things I see are that which is around me...The only things I feel are what I choose to feel...But other than my 'GIFTS' I am just like everyone else...I live, love, hurt, cry, and go on with life...I except myself for who I am...If it is more than someone else can handle, they move on...Life is only what you make it...I try each day too make mine the best it can be!5a
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