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Message Subject Do you have any Paranormal abilities  . . . ?
Poster Handle Shalhevet
Post Content
Years ago on the day my dad died, I sat in a dark chapel of the hospital. I was an emotional wreck. I sat there weeping when suddenly a peace dropped down on me. It was like someone pulled the plug in my toe and all the pain and sorrow drained out and a peacefulness came on me starting at the top of my head and filled my body. Then in a vision a light in the distant appeared and grew larger as it neared taking the form of a man but yet still a light or spirit. The being lifted his hand in the motion of come with me (palm up). At that instant my father stepped from the darkness looked around then took the hand of the light being. He passed away a couple hours latter. I had a peace upon me that lasted for days after the funeral.

There have been other times I see something happen before it actually does. Like once a friend and myself were in a car in town on a 4 lane road. A car was in the next lane, to where their back bumper was at the same spot as our drivers door. They had stayed in the position for a bit and I told the girl driving to slow down because that care was going to pull over on her. She looked at me funny, but did back off. No sooner has she back off to the point the other care was just about clear, when the other care started pulling over. No turn signal or anything. We both rather freaked out on that, because I didn't know why I had told her that and then to have it actually happen rather freaked us.

There are other times when at a stop light I'll tell someone to wait without realizing just why I'm telling them to do so. Only to have a car run the red light, (even though I hadn't even seen the other care) at such a time when we would have been in their direct path if I hadn't said something.

There have been others like that also. tomato
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