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Message Subject Do you have any Paranormal abilities  . . . ?
Poster Handle WindyMind
Post Content
I have thought for a long time that our brains could be downloaded into............. like a computer.........thought it for no reason. I think it is possible. We spend so much time learning. Where is the download? It could be so much easier.

I also think we take in a lot of information ........on another level.......that we don't have access to. I hope meditation isn't the door to it because I don't like it. But I think it may be one way to get the info.

I know there is a computer. lol Life might be easier if we could gain access.

I don't know if enlightenment means the ability to learn anything or if it means you can just know.

I think I have uploaded my memory and I can't get it downloaded.

The Akashic Records are a specific kind of information access. Everything we have done is supposed to be recorded. Are some kind of mystical beings recording everything? I haven't thought of them in terms of being information on a computer before.

Where are my downloads?

 Quoting: WindyMind

Maybe our thoughts, actions, and memory are broadcasted like a radio or TV station . . . it is received and recorded by a massive computer in the cosmos . . . hf
 Quoting: George B

Maybe, that means we are filling the computer ourselves. I wonder about the future, is the computer like the Griffon expecting/looking at all the possibilities? Does the computer have a brain? Does anyone control it? or is it like we are some massive organism that is all connected and in that we have some type of ability to actually program it as well as to send info to it? Is the computer one being that can interface with everything?

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