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Message Subject Do you have any Paranormal abilities  . . . ?
Poster Handle George B
Post Content
I hadn't heard of superstring theory or string gas.

I had a paranormal event.

I was in high school and hanging out with a couple of friends..............the next thing was that I was thinking about an equation and I felt that It was the bottom line to knowing the meaning of everything............and then I was back to the window side seat in the front of car and my friends told me that I was speaking in equations..........I thought well I really like algebra and geometry so it had something to do with that.........I learned about M Theory on GLP a few weeks ago. This never happened again. it was maybe paranormal. lol

I remember the feeling of knowing the equation. And it was good.

I didn't know the equation but I thought there was an equation that explained the meaning of everything.

So some A/C posted a wikipedia explanation of M Theory and not knowing what it was I loved it. I asked him if he wanted to pin it because I liked it. He said no, not yet work on it and I will be back.........I didn't expect him to come back but I thought it was fun so I posted jokes about string theory and about 6 videos and left it be.

Sometimes it just is what it is.
 Quoting: WindyMind

How does one speak equations . . . ohno
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