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Message Subject Do you have any Paranormal abilities  . . . ?
Poster Handle George B
Post Content
Seems we deal with the unknown by speculation, theorizing, formulation, and investigation . . . expected behaviors by rational people . . . these speculations become strained and sometimes extremely bizarre in concept and implication when we deal with the paranormal . . . when compared to other areas of investigation . . .

They are in my opinion mystical in tone and scope . . .

Content from external source:

[link to www.integralscience.org]
This testimony of modern physics has striking resemblance to the testimony of the mystics. Consider, for example, the words of the Buddha:
I teach the non-existence of things because they carry no signs of inherent self-nature. It is true that in one sense they are seen and discriminated by the senses as individualized objects; but in another sense, because of the absence of any characteristic marks of self-nature, they are not seen but are only imagined. In one sense they are graspable, but in another sense, they are not graspable.11
Remarkably, both physics and mysticism teach us that the appearance of an objectively existing world independent of observation is an illusion. Moreover, they both say that even the observed world does not exist objectively with anything like the definiteness that we imagine. And this illusion of definite objective existence, they tell us, arises from our ignorance of the true nature of phenomena. Far from being incompatible with the testimony of the mystics, therefore, modern science seems to make many of the same claims as the great mystical traditions about the nature of phenomena.
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