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Message Subject Do you have any Paranormal abilities  . . . ?
Poster Handle osocrzy
Post Content
I have precog and postcog I had it for awhile but never really talked about it. Only two people know my girlfriend and my best friend which I am pretty sure he is my soulmate in a spiritual level I can most of the time sense him and his presence if he's happy or sad, mad etc... I was able to do this with an old gf back in the day but not anymore but back to my precog and post like I was saying I really didnt tell anyone about it. When I finally told my gf she found it interesting and actually looked into it for me. She was curious about it more then I was. She told me I had awakened my third eye or in the process since I don't have full control of it. I do meditate a lot when I was younger for stress relief from work and school. My best friends knows because I usually predict things like we would be driving and it would hit me and I would tell him what I see like music or a car or something more insane like a car accident that was about to happen in front of us. He soon started to believe me after I started to make more predictions. I recently started to feel auras and energy I guess you can say from people.
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