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Message Subject Do you have any Paranormal abilities  . . . ?
Poster Handle WindyMind
Post Content
Most of the time, I can find lost objects for myself or others by centering myself and then after a short time, I will walk in the direction the lost object is to be found.......

HOWEVER the one HUGE exception is the fact that I have lost a winter coat!! no idea how it happened...it is nowhere to be found...now how the heck can you lose a COAT? jewelery, or some such item, yes, but a COAT?

I have posted a question on this on this site and got only one rather puzzling reply....This has kind of 'freaked me out' as this type of thing has never happened to me.....I 'lost' this coat on Oct. 7th and so far no sign of it, anywhere...as I stated in the other post, I looked all over my apt., emptied the hall closet, looked in my car, trunk, etc........it is nowhere to be found..

So please, if anyone can help, it'd be HIGHLY appreciated!!!

I get hunches, both for big and small things, and always follow them, no matter how 'silly' it may seem at the time......

we should all do this; we get these 'hunches' for a reason; do not disregard them!!!banana2
 Quoting: BG43214 18147015

I think finding things psychically is hard.
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