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Message Subject Do you have any Paranormal abilities  . . . ?
Poster Handle WindyMind
Post Content
It started with the buddha being born as a prince among princes and how he then went to the forest to meditate sending his hair and clothes back to his parents as a sign that he was not going to be a prince. Then it said that probably he didn't get rail thin and that 2500 year old stories get lost in the telling.

And then it moved to karma, a brief and almost (to me) too simple talk about how our karma comes back to us. That we may see someone suffering greatly but we don't see the past karmas that caused the suffering. That everything in our lives is karmically caused. I have a lot of arguments about karma in my head and I guess it was a beginner talk.

He also talked about having just seen a documentary of Robert Kennedy and how he was with a family and asked them what they were having for dinner and they said we have no dinner and how Kennedy went home and looked at his family that had not only dinner but a nice tablecloth and a cook and a maid. He didn't draw a conclusion about this that I can remember. He was probably making a point about karma and how we don't know when we have good karma, we don't realise.

The deal of having moved to karma as a topic was the thinker.

He talked about interdependence and how we depend on each other and how we need to be responsible for ourselves and not cause ourselves suffering and to help others because that is how we help ourselves. He said the motivation for helping others is the selfish motivation to help yourself.

Good karma based on selfish self interest....(interpretation)

After, we talked, and he said it was something that I was healthy and it is. I was sick for a long time.

ufo56Today, I fired the irritating pastor service the hopital has!
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