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Message Subject Do you have any Paranormal abilities  . . . ?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Food for thought...

Matthew 24:30;

They will see the Son of Man (Jesus Christ) coming on the clouds of the sky, with power and great glory

David Stuart’s translation of the Mayan Tortuguero Monument 6, recording the 2012 Bak’tun ending

“The Thirteenth ‘Bak’tun” will be finished… (It will be) the descent(??) of the Nine Support? God(s) (Bolon Yokte) to the ?.”

Lets look at some of the similarities between Jesus Christ and Bolon Yokte

Both Jesus and Bolon Yokte were gods around at the time of creation, in John 8:58 Jesus said, ‘before Abraham ever Was “I am”‘

He has appeared on the vase of the seven gods, one of the gods present during creation of our present world!

Jesus is also often referred to as a Judge and the commander of the army of angels and it is of course the main motive for coming back, to separate the wheat from the chaff, since Bolon Yokte symbolises war, this is another striking similarity.

Bolon Yokte is usually deciphered to mean Bolon (nine) y- (plural) ok (foot) -te (tree) or Nine Footed God or God of Nine Steps, according to Edmonson.

The fact that Bolon means nine is very interesting as according to the Biblical meaning of numbers nine is the number of Judgement

the Biblical Meaning of Number deals with judgment or the finality of things. Basically, it’s used when judging man and all of his works.

Isn’t that remarkable that Bolon Yokte is descending from the heavens just like Jesus who will come to judge man!!!

Finally, the reference to tree is also interesting as Jesus is also referred to as the branch.

It is also interesting that Bolon Yokte is often linked with the Aztec god Quetzal Coatl the feathered serpent known as Kukulcan to the Mayans...who is also said to return in 2012.

Quetzal Coatl was a white bearded man… perhaps like Jesus who is depicted as a white bearded man unlike the Arab people he was born into, incidentally, some Morman scholars believe that Jesus was Kukulkan.

Bolon Yokte and Jesus Christ could be one and the same based on the following facts...
-They are both going to descend from the clouds at the end of time (to usher in a new era of peace)

-They are both judgement gods, symbolised by the number 9 (9 in hebrew represent judgement, bolon means nine)

-They are both referred to as tree/branch

-They were both around during the creation of this world (we created man in our image)

-Both were unusually white bearded which made them stand out from the crowd

I’m keeping an open mind on this one!
 Quoting: Settle4It

So . . . are you suggesting the second coming of Jesus is possible this season? coffee4
 Quoting: George B

That would be awesome...It would be awesome for any Supernatural being to come and help humanity get on the right path...But I fear that even Christ would be on a 'hit' list by TPTB...They would kill their own mothers if the need be
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