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Message Subject Do you have any Paranormal abilities  . . . ?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I think two snakes?

I have no idea..

At the time, I was drawing 3 dimensional graphics and seeing, hearing, experiencing/ dreaming beyond my functioning...

I have gifts I dont think Ill ever understand.

It has Its disadvantages like:

Constructing a solution immediately upon presentation.
So as I am:

- Trying to be perceived in a manner of kindness and true understanding.. (as if approaching conversation to a more simple view, or to the *UNSEEN INDIVIDUALS*)
BUT when the subject perceives, I am struck with opposing views and distance..

- A LOT of repression, because I work and go to school around people who are not RECEIVING. I blend in with each individual to play a part necessary for peace. If It were up to me, I would continue broadening experiences as lifestyle. Really respect what I can do and do the best I can with It. Without playing the act of conformity.

I am unfortunately, or fortunately, Not there yet..
I can use them only on myself.

To attract and stay tuned in with the pattern.
*to know It is safe to keep going* yet.. often with times of reflection, to be proactive of imploding on myself.

I keep spiraling out; Whatever I can be given by the force, I'll take as a meaning of which will carry out a more serene and create orderly rate of experience.
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