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Message Subject Do you have any Paranormal abilities  . . . ?
Poster Handle George B
Post Content
OK, I was shopping in Lahaina and I walked into a store that sold hand made glass jewelry (a little big for my taste) but pretty. In the middle was a big table and on it was these 2 sorta big colored blown glass fish. This lady was looking at them acting like she was going to buy. I was avoiding the sales people and looking around and I walked behind her and I knicked her bag and she said (excuse me) real loud and i said (sorry). I didn't really care. Then she gets the sales lady to take one of the fish outside so she can see it in the sunlight. I get done shopping and am leaving and the saleslady was on one side of the door and the shopper lady was on the other. There was plenty of room to walk between them through the door so I did. The shopper lady was aghast and she said "that was rude, you should have said excuse me." Like a mother would correct a child sort of. Anyway I was pissed. I just stared at her while she made her schpeel and walked off.

Except I have had a panic attack for 3 weeks and I am working on taking it down and she nicked my panic and now I still feel it. If only.... And I have decided that if I see her again (even though I will pay in the heart) I am going to nick her bag again. lol
 Quoting: WindyMind

You have had a panic attack for three weeks? . . . Sorry, you don't need that . . . you need some peace and a big hug . . . you get both from me . . . :144:
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