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Message Subject Do you have any Paranormal abilities  . . . ?
Poster Handle Blitz the storm-striker
Post Content
o my!

we might be witnessing... not the end of the wrold on the 21, but rather the most beautiful Blood red sky happening once in 25,000 years.

just to point a few thing.

The heat we feel comming from the sun is due to EM wave of the sun ramming our atmosphere and causing friction.
From that friction, energy is released as Joules and among thoses there is heat waves.

Like all type of energy, the higher the distance of travell the energy has to go, the weaker it is. (not in space, but on earth atmosphere.) Friction = counter energy).

in space there is barrely no firction...

So to say that mercury receive the same EM strenght as we receive. Except that mercury has no atmosphere to reduce the impact.

we assume the sun to be a ball of fire and from that we assume that the closer you are to the sun, the hooter it is!

but noone tried.

There is a certain increased radiation when closer, but nothing really different.

The sun is not a fireball, its a energy ball appearing red.

however, when that proton belt is going to RAM our atmosphere... It will heat it up like crazy and might even ignite it! dont woory it wont burn up, becase there is too much azote for that to happen.

Never the less it would a show that you see only once in 25,000 years.
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