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Message Subject Do you have any Paranormal abilities  . . . ?
Poster Handle Blitz the storm-striker
Post Content
While walking outside today, after having played some darksiders 2. I realised something Really Nice!

It is winter season and most trees are without leaves.

After looking at a bunch of them, i wondered at is looking like trees on (inside/outside) perspective in a smaller scale!

So on an energy point of view i associated Trees to Nerves endpoints entering cells!

When a nerve enter a cell or connect to it, it pierce thru and spread like a tree pretty much.

In Darksiders 2 they explain that the tree of life is not a destination, but meerly a portal to other realities!

So that made me think on the nerve part!

Could all these trees connect this reality to other dimensions/ universes?

Like if each trees had a different reality.

It also brought this to me!

Thats it! The Source! All is connected to the source!

Earth is the Source, no need to look deeper!

What happens on earth, also happens on a galactic scale / interdimensionaly!

If we focus too much on " being positive" to the point of ignoring what is happening on earth! We will have to face much more worst in the spiritual realm!

So we better get involved and clean shit up RIGHT NOW!

Waiting for the havens is exactly what the dirtbags elites expect of us and it is exactly what Demons expects of the elites!
 Quoting: Blitz the storm-striker

what you guys think of this!
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