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Message Subject Do you have any Paranormal abilities  . . . ?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yes.. & I would say I'm at numbers 3 (hovering ?? around 2 & 4 I guess), 7 & very rare! 11. 3 & 7 are very common for me! Even tho' I don't know how this stuff works, I'm trying to understand it from a scientific point of view, even if delving into quantam supernatural physics. I think the 'one' aspect of these powers that people can't seem to grasp (me included), is that we're apparently surrounded by other conscious entities without us knowing they are even there, but they can sense us! I'm aware of ghosts where we live here, most being harmless, but there are a couple of ghosts who are 'in your face.' I saw one neighbour 'react suddenly' in the hall when he turned as if someone was in his face giving him a fright. I got a 'dark disturbed face' in my mind as it happened.. but it was so pathetic I wasn't even scared or concerned, just said in Gods name 'go away horrid little ghost!' There's an awful lot of 'wandering' ghosts, most living in a 'groundhog day' of confusion, but some of them know this, but makes them 'bitter!'

Seeing the future as it or just before it happens has to have a logical explanation! I guess most of it is gathering info from thinking minds of their intentions or observations. One cannot tell the lotto numbers, cos no conscious observing mind knows what the numbers are. But, sometimes when I'm driving I'll get a premonition of what's around the corner & slow down before my body senses pick it up, like a 'hazard pre-perception' or I'll know if the phone is about to ring, in some cases will even know who it is & what they're asking. One time I slowed down for no reason, actually stopped.. then this small child rang right out into the road in front of me. Mmm?!
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