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Message Subject Do you have any Paranormal abilities  . . . ?
Poster Handle Blitz the storm-striker
Post Content
No, but I seem to attract something that teleports.

I know this...because as soon as I start to say something aloud, like for example "What did I do with that -insert object-", then precisely within a second I'll turn around...and it'll be somewhere that I have no recollection having put that said object there...in the first place.

So I'm rather convinced, it's worth it to at least say something aloud at this point...but by far and large, this is far worse than a little beer out of the glass overnight, or sugar from the bowl, it's quite frustrating to say the least. Prankster, almost.

Now when you say paranormal, I'm just saying...what's normal to me at this point, is nothing more than perhaps, a joke to someone else. I'd probably say something like... "but I thought everyone could do that".

Call me ignorant, I don't even think it's all that super. To me, it's mostly more of the same, different day.
 Quoting: Finer Force

That happens to my Mother-In-law all the time but she is 86 years old . . . grinning
 Quoting: George B

Lol George thats mean! Saying that his paranormal ability is only him having bad memory!thwak
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