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Message Subject Do you have any Paranormal abilities  . . . ?
Poster Handle Blitz the storm-striker
Post Content
Have you ever heard about Fields theories?

Such as a negatively charged field attract matter to itself and a positively charged field repulse matter from itself.

Well yet as light radiate energy it is a positive field and Gravity hole attract energy toward its center.

The key here is just like in everything else! "left on the table from the Elites for all to see".

"Black is white and white is black".

We can say that loveable people attract loveable people and also bad intent people as well.

They act as a negatively charged field.

However a Fearful person that is borderline paranoid will think anyone is out to get him/her. That person will push anyone trying to help him/her. (repulsive force)

they act as a positively charged field.

on that note. by using the "black is white and white is black".

by switching negative and positive, like a pole reversal. The negatively charged field becomes a repulsive force!

The positively charged field becomes an attractive force!

Guess what happens when you have 2 or more Attractive fields attracting energy from each another!

Guess what happen to the subspace between the many attractive force fields!

It generate a 0 gravity field! Thus Space!

Space is filled with LOVE! that's why its black and without gravity!

To portray it even deeper!

see each attraction feilds as seeds! where life goes in and see subspace as branchs on a tree! visualise the Aether as the source (water) that give life to those seeds!

Those seeds will eventualy become a tree of their own!
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