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Message Subject Do you have any Paranormal abilities  . . . ?
Poster Handle George B
Post Content
I heard something this morning around 7... it was something I have never heard before...I heard it pass over twice...like it was making a circle sweep around town...then on the 3rd pass it was lower and much louder...It sound like a huge plane...But the noise had a lot of base in it...It was so loud tht it woke everyone in the house...I went outside to see what it was and when I seen the craft...It was not one I have seen before...It had a long front...Almost shaped like a cone...The back was round like a ball...When the sunlight hit it I could see that it had two large lights(?) on the cone shape that reflected the sunlight so brightly it hurt my eyes...A few neighbors also were looking and they did not what it was...No one has ever seen anything like it...
 Quoting: Settle4It

Now I know where I have seen this craft at...It was in a painting...

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 Quoting: Settle4It

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