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Message Subject Do you have any Paranormal abilities  . . . ?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You don't get it xD I don't feel like I did it, I did it,knowingly.
There are rituals ,bunch of demons specific for your needs
 Quoting: Metrtr 10053340

So you conducted a ritual and saw some manifestations and results . . . OK . . . but how do you know you were not being fooled by the very beings you were invoking?
 Quoting: George B

Well, you make a deal ,they have to stick to it,and so do you.
Most of the times you have to give something in return for their help,but if you a closer bond with the demon you don't need the rituals anymore you can just call upon with your mind. The possessions are not like in the movies or stories, the demon is in you but you have full control over yourself unless you want to let the demon drive the wheels. They don't do anything against your will...
The Demon that helped me is called Dantalian.He can produce hallucinations. He reveals the innermost thoughts and desires of, and influences the minds of others without their knowledge.
He knows all human thoughts and can change them at will. He incites love between men and women, and teaches all the arts and sciences. He shows a vision of the likeness of any person.
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