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Message Subject Do you have any Paranormal abilities  . . . ?
Poster Handle Metrtr
Post Content
I am the one that called you an amateur and so don't blame Settle she just agreed with me. Karmically speaking you have created a cause for suffering down the road but as far as amateur I don't quite know how I mean that. You could have called on white magic but no you wanted to do a bad thing. So you can do rituals and get help in a negative way I guess that puts you in a bind. Maybe you didn't hurt anything in too bad of a way. Pray to Jesus. :)
 Quoting: WindyMind

I don't know if you can uderstand. I have prayed to Jesus,prayed to God ,offered everything but God doesn't reply. He never replys and I can understand that. If everyone got what they wanted it would lead to armagedon :P
But I've prayed for a sign,even visited a "messenger of God" who helped me for a while but all answers lead me to the demons. In one moment I started to belive that God couldn't help me so He sent me to the demons cause they can help. Idk realy, but if you know white magick I would be glad to learn but the only thing that would work was this :/

And what you said about me wanting to do a bad thing , well...
I was never a saint but I was always good to people,helped those who needed help,gave to charity sometimes nothing much. I always loved God and never asked for anything, prayed everynight ,even for others (the starving ,homeless).
And then when I needed God he wasn't there...
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