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Message Subject Do you have any Paranormal abilities  . . . ?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I think unanswered prayers are karmic as well as the leaning to black magic.
 Quoting: WindyMind

I don't learn black magick. Just know few rituals for summoning demons :P
I would be glad though to learn white magick
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10053340

I have to jump in on this...You know my thoughts about the KJB god...The god in this book is the one made up for humanity to blindly follow...An absent god...Much like an absent father that does not think his children's problems are his problems...The brainwashing of humanity has been great over the past 3000 years...No wonder there are so many 'lost' in a blind search for that which they will never find...The truth being with held as it has...Has hurt the masses...Humanity now kills and goes to war over dust...words in old texts...mindless service for what?...The god that is humanities Creator is not the god in the KJB...Or at least the edited version that they got to read about...
 Quoting: Settle4It

God exists. But not as a beardy guy or a person. God is energy and something we cannot understand even if we spent our whole life thinking about it. It's something beyond human understanding...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10053340

True...The God of Humanity does exist...Just not the version that was put into the old texts...A Creator of ALL lives within and without...The bands of slavery are slowly being let loose...Many are starting to remember 'Who they are and where they came from'...And what has been done to keep them here
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