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Message Subject Do you have any Paranormal abilities  . . . ?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10053340

God exists. But not as a beardy guy or a person. God is energy and something we cannot understand even if we spent our whole life thinking about it. It's something beyond human understanding...
 Quoting: Settle4It

True...The God of Humanity does exist...Just not the version that was put into the old texts...A Creator of ALL lives within and without...The bands of slavery are slowly being let loose...Many are starting to remember 'Who they are and where they came from'...And what has been done to keep them here
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10053340

Yes , we have the same perspective when talking about Bible. At that time there were a few who could write and read. So in conclusion, those people edited the Bible as they liked , making some parts more happy and some more terrifying so they could control other people. I personaly don't belive that God want's me to apologise every day for being human or that it makes a difference if somedays I don't eat meat if I eat it every other day :P
Pepole were controled since the old days ,that's how things work in this world. For all we know,maybe the apocalypse ends differetly,who knows maybe Lucifer wins. Or maybe there is no apocalypse or no Lucifer - maybe what we think Lucifer is ,is something else. There are ways to find out things like that but it's very difficult... After all,we're only human. Even with these special abilities...
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