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Message Subject Do you have any Paranormal abilities  . . . ?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
By the way, I was thinking about using the knowledge from demons to do some good... I thought I could delver this :
Demons are immortal; a “season” is but a few thousand years to them. The Christian "God" is losing power. Father Satan has informed me that our side has won. We warn everyone: using the spiritually abusive methods of the old grimoires is not only foolish, but will inevitably result in personal disaster. The Demons must always be approached with extreme honesty and respect. The days of using enemy "God" names, nine-foot circles, threats and other destructive and abusive methods are over. Don't say you weren't warned....
 Quoting: Metrtr 10053340

Demons are a old race of beings...The 'demonic' tag humanity has been programed to use for them is rather foolish...As for abuse...It has never worked and never will...
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