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More proof of ritual sacrifice and child abuse by people in power

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06/02/2012 08:21 PM
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More proof of ritual sacrifice and child abuse by people in power
[link to www.illuminati-news.com]

Please, read this, it's by Icke and it has nothing to do with reptilians or spirituality, it's a case that happened many years ago here in Belgium, of pedophile and child murder by an organized group, who made one man take the bullet to keep the rest of them safe. It's politicians, judges, priests, criminals, the whole bunch of them together, it's been confirmed that they had parties back then, our current prime minister has been accused of pedophelia but that was quickly denied and now it's an outrage to even mention the claim. There's even something about it on wikileaks but it's already been denied before the document came out, no idea if there's any evidence or whatever, but there are at least accusations.

And the past couple of years there have been (like everywhere else) major scandals with pedo priests and victims who finally started coming out. Too sad they kill the young girls the politicians rape, as evident in the case presented here.

They literally perform rituals on the girls, back then I couldn't put it into context yet, but now I can, and the things the surviving girl describes are nothing short from a true satanic ritual, including candles and human sacrifice. She described a scene where she and a friend of her were both sent to a couple of men, they were both raped and afterwards she noticed that the other girl was dead, they had killed her... The guy who took the bullet was the one who kept the girls in his basement for shorter periods, as an in between person. However, he was the only one charged and took the entire 'blame'. What's interesting is that there wer 5000, FIVE THOUSAND hairs found in the basement, but the investigators didn't find it necessary to examine them as they had already finished the case (I almost bashed my face to the computer upon reading that)

There was talk of major corruption (judge expelled from duty because he had dinner with the victims family, was replaced by a judge who had ties to one of the accused in that same case), another judge was threatened, followed by 'evil' so he said, and eventually he resined from the case as he couldn't handle it anymore,... And of course major evidence tampering, our country has a history of that, sadly...

Oh btw, many girls survived but none of them wanted to speak (because you and I both know that speaking out against a now high powered politician would be a death sentence), the only girl that survived and became a witness is till today labeled as crazy, because of the trauma they say. I say bullshit, because she did interviews, she's completely sane, she's been desensitized by all the violence and rape, of course she's speaking the truth... She even gave police a description of a crime that was only discovered to be exactly correct years later, when the police discovered that here statements were correct and she couldn't have known because the case came after her testimony... But the investigators hid it, the two detectives that were on the case were pulled off, their interrogations were labeled as false and thus, the entire case of her telling the exact circumstance of the crime were neglected, because that would make her a key witness that told the truth and had evidence to back her up... So they labeled her crazy sadly, like they do with everyone who discovers or tells the truth.

I thought it was a good read, it impresses me how well informed Icke is on a subject where many sources are only available in Dutch, and even for me it's hard to get the information he clearly exposes here.
The Dudester

User ID: 5884648
United States
06/02/2012 08:32 PM

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Re: More proof of ritual sacrifice and child abuse by people in power
This is crazy stuff. Unbelievable how sick people in power can be