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Message Subject new studies show Grandparents are becoming more selfish and disconnected
Poster Handle Nemesis-incognitO
Post Content
Thanks OP, you've raised a very good point, although I hasten to say the entire family structure has almost corroded...

...There are many factors that have caused us to reach where we're at; economic reasons, social reasons and so on... There is an agenda behind this, as I am sure most can now see manifest before their very eyes!

...Everything that seems to be set up to 'help out' is in fact usually the quite the opposite; for example the 'Care Homes'...now we've all heard the horror stories; and as one poster mentioned, they felt why should they care when they fear they would face their twilight years in some awful institution!

...It doesn't have to be this way; we shouldn't NEED any institutions to help us with our family; we should be strong together...we have a duty towards each other that should not be seen as a burden....but I guess it is to late for all that!
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