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Message Subject new studies show Grandparents are becoming more selfish and disconnected
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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One set of grandparents were Okay when I was a child. The other grandmother had minus zero interest in any of her eleven grandchildren. My sister and I were forced to visit her once a month, but she saw the other nine maybe once in fifteen years. She died in 1975, and all I remember about her is that she made me a necklace made from aluminum soda pop flip tops one Christmas and was the rudest and nastiest person I had ever met. The set of grandparents turned out to be totally insane and dysfunctional. Never in a million years would they care what happened to me.
This study is very flawed. Grandparents in the U.S. were never involved in the lives of their grandchildren.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17297796

I had crappy grandparents too. I'm a Babyboomer. One parent's parents were dead before I was born and the other parent- they were both getting senile by the time I was born. Grandpa was supposed to have been nice but wasn't really involved with me. Grandma never seemed to like me but preferred my cousins. She saw them all the time. She had been abusive to her own kids. They both ignored me. I used to joke that I must have been the family bastard. I think they just weren't interested and were only nice to my cousins because they lived nearby and my aunt did more stuff for them. Or maybe I was the family bastard.

I never got a gift from them. I know they were poor, but nothing? Grandma patted me on the head once as I walked by and that's the only affection I remember from them. They never hugged or kissed me. They lived a couple of hours away and we visited them about once a month. My mother would take them stuff and do things for them. I don't remember them talking to me at all really. Maybe Grandpa said a few sentences to me, I'm not sure. They were both dead before I was 10. Great memories, huh? I wish I could have had a loving grandma at least.
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