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Message Subject new studies show Grandparents are becoming more selfish and disconnected
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Not in my family. My mom just dropped everything and went down to help out with my brand-new niece (born today!) even though my brother has been rather cruel to her in the past. She had her flaws as a mother (which mother doesn't?) but I can say that my nephew (son from a different brother), who is five, has had the best grandma EVER. She dotes on him, has him up to her twenty country acres as often as possible, and would throw herself in front of a mountain lion without hesitation. She teaches him about gardening, helps him ride her horses, and plays with him for hours.

As would I, his aunt. Every time he comes up I am here and we bake together. That's our tradition. Today we baked oatmeal chocolate-chunk cookies. Last time he was up here we baked bread and a banana cake.

He was unhappy about cutting his visit short so my mom could go down to help with the new baby. So he and I went for a walk in the pasture, climbed an oak tree, swung on the swing, and had a talk about how a new baby is a special occasion but this won't have to happen every time he comes up here to visit.

I love being an aunt, and my mom loves being a grandma. And now we have a new niece/granddaughter!

Not every family is disintegrating, even though we live farther away than I would like.
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