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Message Subject new studies show Grandparents are becoming more selfish and disconnected
Poster Handle Scaussie
Post Content
Well here is a flip side........ I'm an active grandparent and to be quite honest, I do not think their parents appreciate it! In fact, I sometimes feel that they would NOT want me to be active. The children love us very much and enjoy coming over but I feel the parents resent it.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9966035

I would appreciate you so very much, keep doing what you are doing, even if the parents don't appreciate it, your grandchild does.
I have seen parents not appreciating grandparents or taking them for granted. It's so sad. I would give my right arm for an interested grandparent in my daughters life.
. I am a mum to one four year old girl. My dad is in another country, divorced from my mum who lives nearby. My husbands parents passed away.when he was young.
My mum is a 15 minute drive away but says I have moved too far away. I don't drive, so it is two buses and an hours journey to get to her. When my dd was a baby, it took longer as the buses do not allow more than two prams on the bus at a time. I don't expect her to come to me, even though she is young (64 yo) & active. But in the early months of my dd life, it would have been nice if she had visited me, especially when my dd only put on an ounce in three weeks, due to breastfeeding problems. I got over this problem by demand feeding my child and avoiding the bus for a month. it didn't go down well that I never visited even though I asked her to come over. Her solution was to advise that I give my daughter a bottle of formula, criticism, disapproval and sympathy all in equal measure. I would not mind these things so much except she collects my brother every week and he is about the same distance away from her as I and had yet to have children, also she is driving to.different clubs, classes, social events weekly, collecting her friends.in her car. I don't mind getting the bus, but when I have to stress and rush to get to her place to get there on time before she has to rush out and get my brother and my daughter us questioning my mums love toward her because of this (I never say share ny feelings about this with ny daughter) it does break my heart.
when I visit, my mum immediately ignores my daughter to give me a hug before talking non stop, I have to say, "um, dd is trying to give you.a cuddle hello"
She looks like she cannot be bothered with my daughter, disinterested, finds get an obligation and nuisance. I have given up and stopped visiting, calling. I wish my daughter had A grandparent like you. We all have different styles and personalities, thats what makes the care givers to a child so wonderful, we all bring something different to the table. Sorry you don't get appreciated for your style and personality by your kids.
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