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Subject Praying Mantis and other ghostlike Alien encounter <<--- Info.
Poster Handle TripleSL
Post Content
Now i'm pretending to myself it isnt real it was just a dream Cause I don't want to know the realness i'm just puttin this up 2 help whatever cause that needs to be out there.

Wen I was 14 I awoke up to what seemed like a preying mantis and another looking ghost figure putting a new skelaton in me super quickly like it came out of my mouth or something I said no I heard too late?
I fell back on my bed holding my ribs this was the first time I have gone to bed without a duvet :S
The preying mentis hopped with something it and the other it was holding.
It bent its legs and sprung up with the ghostlike creature and the thing it was holding.
I saw a phsycic show me this preying mantis I had obviously dissaociated from it.
but now im flashing back and i kinda gots to remember it.
this is freaking me the fuck out i'm scared my bones are metal, but when i took my self to get an x ray bcause of it, they just offered me a mental assesment which I took but i'm fine. :| wish i wasnt tbh.
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