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Subject If Obama is Our Version of Hitler, Then...
Poster Handle HL Shancken
Post Content
I envision that, as economic doom as a result of his policies descends, his ministers meet with the realization that a crash of epic proportions, one bound to cost him the election because it cannot be forestalled, that is beginning even now, is inevitable. In crisis, they schedule an urgent meeting, and Obama, our modern Hitler, is genuinely perturbed that the inevitable collapse his policies were intended to cause is coming sooner than expected.

The meeting is adjourned and only his closest advisors, the ones who will accompany him in the bunker in the last days and hours, remain in the room with our Hitler facsimile. The room goes quiet and all eyes turn to the thin black man who they know themselves to be our Hitler, and they see a hint of a smile begin to curl his thin lips that broadens into a mischievous grin. They all smile, too, and then glasses are raised in a toast, a toast to our version of Hitler.
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